Comments From our Physicians & Associates

Who knows more about the quality of our care than our doctors? Below are some of their quotes:

Chris Sturch, M.D. – Family Practice

"I trust my own family to the care here. We believe firmly in the care and treatment of patients in our hospital, including our own families."

Monica Woodall, D.O. – Family Practice

"My family members come to MCSO. The hospital is very involved in the community, supporting events, such as Colton’s Run, March of Dimes, Relay for Life, and the many free clinics our community offers."

Vivek Khetpal, M.D., FACC – Cardiology
Sangeeta Khetpal, M.D. – Internal Medicine
Heather Workman, RNP

"We have been members of the Bryan County community for over 16 years and have worked directly with MCSO, its administration and other physicians and healthcare providers to ensure each and every patient that walks through our doors is provided the most appropriate care needed.

We take full responsibility for our clinic and strive for continued excellence in regards to the health and well-being of Bryan County and its surrounding communities."

Jamie Akin, D.O. – Pediatric Medicine

"My family has been involved with the Durant community, the schools and MCSO for almost 8 years. MCSO is very involved and supportive of the community, and my family uses this hospital for their healthcare."

Deepak Jaiswal, M.D. – Internal Medicine
Nayana Jaiswal

"We made Durant our home; we made Durant schools our school; we made MCSO our hospital.”

Chris Knobbe, M.D. – Ophthalmology

"My family and I come to MCSO for all of our care, and we leave only when and if that service or specialty is not provided. I am proud to be a member of MCSO—and proud to be a member of a hospital with the ultimate goal of providing the highest level of care possible to every individual who entrusts their care to it."

Braulio Cuesta, M.D. – Obstetrics & Gynecology

"My children were raised here and my grandchildren were delivered at this hospital, and I have been in practice here since 1981. I trust my family to receive care here at MCSO. We love Durant and trust our hospital."

Tiffany Ferguson, D.O. – Emergency Medicine

"As a member of the medical staff, I trust and proudly recommend the services our hospital offers. I am proud to be part of a facility that cares so deeply for the community and is passionate about patient care. Over the past two years, I have seen tremendous growth to help better serve the members of our community and surrounding rural areas."

Daniel Keech, M.D. – Otolaryngology

"I am very happy to work in a place that puts patient care as their No.1 priority."

Who knows more about the quality of our care than our employees? Below are some of their quotes:

DeeAnn B. and Admitting Department

“We have over 75 years of dedication at MCSO between four of us alone. We would not dedicate our lives and our hearts in a hospital if we didn't believe we are doing the right thing and what is best for our patients. How many lives have we seen affected in a positive way and how many lives have we saved?"

Michelle M. and Radiology Department

“We work at MCSO and take pride in providing the best services possible for our patients. We strive to make every experience the best it can be and to treat each patient with respect and compassion. We have the best equipment available and a group of Radiologists that read for the entire Southeastern Oklahoma and North Texas area. The facts regarding our quality of care were not questioned on 60 Minutes but only by our own local coverage. We are members of this community as well, and we don’t believe in fraud or trying to hurt or steal from our neighbors, our families, or our co-workers.”

Krista M.  Materials Management

“I’ve been employed by MCSO for 30 years, during this time I have seen and experienced many improvements to our health care system. I am proud to be a part of the MCSO Team!"

Ashley A.  Materials Management

"I have worked for MCSO for the past 5 years. I have been blessed with the care and compassion this company has shown me.  This company has provided me a good job so that I can provide for my family."

Jacqueline G.  Materials Management

"This is a place where lives are being saved and lives are bring brought into this world." I can speak as being a patient here-- all three of my sons were born here. I had the best physicians and staff anyone could ask for. This is the place my family and I go when something is out of the ordinary. We trust fully in the physicians decision and we know we will receive the care and the treatment we need."

Matt A.  Bio-Med

"The employees of our facility are dedicated to improving the lives of our patients, their families and the community with quality healthcare. We are your neighbors and we care."

Raye  MCSO Social Worker

"I was added to The Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma, Case Management Team, almost two years ago. During this time, I have continually been a part of a caring and collaborative team, whose only goal, is to have an immediate and positive impact, on the lives of patients. Although, there are always pressures and challenges, I continually have seen positive outcomes, in the lives of the patients and their families, while working here. I feel strongly that myself, as well as my department, ultimately play a direct role in assuring that patients and their families are safer, stronger, and healthier members of the community."

Lori G. and Home Health Department

"MCSO Home Health is the longest standing home health in Oklahoma. We have been in business longer than any other hospital based home health or private home health. In October we passes a tri-annual state audit with zero deficiencies. Our patient satisfaction ratings through Press Ganey are currently 99%. Our home health provides nursing and nurse aide services, along with a full time PT and PTA who are not contracted. Our PT is one of very few in this area that has a doctorate degree. We take several patients on a regular basis without any reimbursement. They are turned down by other places secondary to the inability to pay. We accept them when we have availability. Our service to them is parallel with those who have any other payor source."

 Jeanne P. and ER Staff

"Staff members stay true to the servant leader philosophy by going above and beyond for patients and one another. We are all ACLS, PALS, and TNCC Certified and work well as a team. We have an ED committee that are always looking for ways to improve care. We care for our patients - this is a small community so a lot of our patients are neighbors, friends, or even family."

Becky D. and Laboratory Department

"The clinical laboratory at MCSO is accredited by the College of American Pathologists (CAP). In order to be accredited the laboratory personnel must follow strict guidelines. CAP has deemed status recognized by CMA and the State. This means their requirements are as strict or more strict than the State or CMS. The technical staff must perform certain procedures to insure that all the testing results are accurate. The lab is covered 24/7 with highly trained and competent staff. 75% of the staff are working in the background performing tests on very sophisticated, state of the art instruments that require specialized expertise and training. The testing provided by the laboratory provides the physician with information needed to diagnose 70% of their patients.

The laboratory personnel are dedicated to provide the best possible test results for the physician. The phlebotomist who collect the samples for laboratory testing are formally trained in blood drawing techniques. The phlebotomists is the lab employee the patient has the most contact with. These employees are hard working and dedicated to helping patients have a good experience whey they are in our hospital."

Linda T.  Materials Management Department

"MCSO is a great place to work. We have a lot of good Doctors and Nurses, some of the best. All the people I work with and come in contact with are all great people. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else and plan to retire here."

Sheila J. and Jean S.  Intensive Care Unit

"In response to the local media concerning MCSO and the quality of care we deliver to our patients, we would like to respond as RN's who have worked in Intensive Care for more than 20 years. As a whole we do give excellent care to our patients and their families, but as with any facility that deals with the public, not everyone will be satisfied with what we do, regardless of how hard we try. In the year we have worked here HMA has been astute in correcting any issue that was concerning for any type of non-compliance with federal and state regulations. We are proud to work for HMA at MCSO.

As employee's of MCSO, we are offended and outraged that we have to defend our role as nurses and caregivers.The people we work with go beyond being a nurse and caring for our patients like we would want our family cared for. Our concern extends beyond our shift and our patients. We live in this community and care about the reputation of the town, our leaders and the hospital that services the needs of families who reside here. While this publicity was airing, we were ending a 12-hour shift with a lunch or bathroom break, we had worked with our doctors all day to keep a young man alive but despite our efforts it was to no avail. Instead of leaving at the end of our shift, we were comforting a devastated family, grief stricken by the sudden unexpected loss. Unfortunately, we have a lot of days like that, where we forgo our own physical needs for the sake of our patient and their family. We do not get the option to close on Holidays, like many who service the public we adjust our holiday celebrations around our work schedule. We do not get the chance to leave for a lunch break and rarely have more than 5 or 10 minutes to eat between patient care. We try our best to do a good job of total patient care and we succeed because we care about the quality of service we give."