Billing and Insurance

It is the policy of Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma to require payment for each patient who receives medical care. After discharge you will receive a bill from the hospital for services and procedures performed.

In addition, you will receive a separate bill for physician services, including surgery, anesthesiology, radiology, etc.

  • Emergency Physicians will send a bill for emergency medical services you may receive in the Emergency Department.
  • Radiologists will send a bill for reading any X-rays you may have received while at the hospital.
  • Pathologists will bill you for any laboratory and pathology reports you may have received while at the hospital.
  • Anesthesiologists will bill you for service received during any surgical procedures you may have undergone while at the hospital.

For your convenience, we will help you file a claim with Medicare, Medicaid or your insurance.  Although we assist you in filing your claim, you are responsible for payment. If payment or arrangement to pay is not received in 30 days, you will be expected to pay the charges.  The business office can assist you in developing a payment plan for any outstanding hospital debts and can answer any questions you may have about your hospital bill.